Spin Palace Casino – Get Up To 1,000 Euro New Customer Bonus

Bonusjäger watch out, because currently there is at Spin Palace Casino a really “big fish”, which is just waiting to be pulled out of the water. Each new customer cashed a deposit bonus of up to 1,000 euro, whereby this sum is divided over the first three deposits – in such a way can be completely successfully dipped into the offer.

To the Spin Palace Casino

Three times a bonus snap

For the first deposit on the player account the Casino promises a deposit bonus of 100 per cent, with which up to 250 euro bonus can be retracted. Deposit number two offers 25 percent, which release now however a bonus amount of up to 300 euro. For the last deposit in this package then again a bonus of 50 per cent applies, which can be taken up to the maximum sum of 450 euro up to.

The conditions can be likewise seen, because already small deposits of only 20 euro qualify for the bonus. Additionally it concerns a fully payable real money bonus, which wanders after fulfilment of the payout conditions completely simply and uninhibitedly into the own pocket.

Now with Spin Palace play!

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