Spin Palace Casino – Get Up To 1,000 Euro New Customer Bonus

Bonusjäger watch out, because currently there is at Spin Palace Casino a really “big fish”, which is just waiting to be pulled out of the water. Each new customer cashed a deposit bonus of up to 1,000 euro, whereby this sum is divided over the first three deposits – in such a way can be completely successfully dipped into the offer.

To the Spin Palace Casino

Three times a bonus snap

For the first deposit on the player account the Casino promises a deposit bonus of 100 per cent, with which up to 250 euro bonus can be retracted. Deposit number two offers 25 percent, which release now however a bonus amount of up to 300 euro. For the last deposit in this package then again a bonus of 50 per cent applies, which can be taken up to the maximum sum of 450 euro up to.

The conditions can be likewise seen, because already small deposits of only 20 euro qualify for the bonus. Additionally it concerns a fully payable real money bonus, which wanders after fulfilment of the payout conditions completely simply and uninhibitedly into the own pocket.

Now with Spin Palace play!

Consorsbank Advertises With Fixed-Term Deposit And Fund Campaign – 3% Interest P.A. On Fixed-Term Deposit Account

The Consorsbank is currently offering its customers a special campaign in cooperation with BNP Paribas. Those who opt for the BNP Paribas Akienfond can simultaneously take advantage of a fixed-term deposit offer in the amount of 3.0% interest p.a. for 12 months. It should be noted that there is even a discount of 50% on the front-end load.

Consorsbank’s clients invest 50% of their investment in the BNP Paribas fund and 50% in the form of a fixed-term deposit with an attractive interest rate of 3.0% p.a..

What minimum amount must be paid for the investment?

Whoever chooses Consorsbank’s offer must invest at least a total of 5,000 euros. Of these 5,000 euros, 2,500 euros will be invested in funds at BNP Paribas. It should be noted that the client will be offered different categories of funds. This gives clients the option of choosing a security-oriented fund, a balanced fund and an opportunity-oriented fund. The other 2,500 euro are invested into the attractive time deposit offer and at 3% interest p.a. which is clearly more, than is offered at present on the free market.

Who can participate in the action of the Consorsbank?

At the action of the Consorsbank numerous customers can participate. The action can be used by inventory customers in addition, by new customers. The interest calculation of the time deposit runs over exactly 12 months and the interest is credited after the 12 months on the clearing account together with the investment sum.

Which conditions offers the depot of the Consorsbank on?

The Consorsbank applies up-to-date not only its depot and fund offer, but also its daily allowance account. New customers, who decide now for the Consorsbank, can profit from an attractive interest rate at a value of 1,0% interest per annum. The interest rate is guaranteed for a period of 6 months, up to a maximum of 50,000 euros per investor. It should be noted that the Consorsbank will in any case give all new customers the opportunity to extend this offer to a total of 12 months. That means that altogether 12 months long up to 50.000 euro to a total interest rate at a value of 1,0% p.a. can be put on.

Who would like to notice this interest rate, must open in addition to the daily money account still the depot with the bank and accomplish here the appropriate activities e.g. in the form of transactions.

What does it cost to trade via the Consorsbank?

Who wants to start trading with the Consorsbank has to pay a basic fee of 4,95 Euro per transaction. Furthermore, fees of 0.25% of the market value must be paid. The basic fee and the order commission make up a total value of at least 9.95 euros. The maximum fee is 69 Euro and is therefore limited upwards. There is also a trading venue fee of 1.50 euros.

Whoever is interested in trading funds and ETFs with the Consorsbank should know that fund trading is possible with over 10,000 different fund products. In the range of the discounts there is with approximately 2,600 funds a discount at a value of 50% on the issue surcharge. Around 380 funds are suitable for use as a savings plan. ETFs can also be managed as savings plans, which applies to around 300 different ETF products. Who looks around in the net, will notice that the savings plans with the Consorsbank must be served either monthly, or in addition, all 2, 3 or 6 months. The minimum savings rate is 25 Euro.

5 Good Resolutions To Start School!

Dear players, we all know that the month of September is inextricably linked to the start of school after the long summer holidays. Even though your school days are long gone, it’s still worth going back to school and taking advantage of our online casino training opportunities! In order to give you a perfect start at school and the best grades or rather the best winnings, we have appointed ourselves a professor of gambling and would like to give you 5 pieces of advice with which you are best prepared for the new school year. Quiet in the classroom, please!

1. When choosing your casino, keep an eye out

If you want to be the best in your class at online casino school, you must first learn to select your casinos according to strict criteria. Because the online gambling industry is as opaque as the Amazon jungle and it would be a shame if you were bitten by a poisonous snake. You must learn to distinguish between poisonous and nonpoisonous animals and between good and bad casinos! So if you want to make sure that you get your well-deserved winnings and need a decision support for the choice between the countless English casinos, then you should definitely look at our top 10 list of seriösen Anbieter!

2. Learn the right use of your budget

You can’t repeat it often enough. The key to success in the online casino lies in the strict control of your bankroll! We strongly recommend that you keep a list of your expenses and winnings, which you should update regularly. This way you always have an overview of your expenses and winnings and can draw conclusions about the profitability of a casino or a particular game. So you will pass every budget check!

3. Take new paths

Please be careful! Do you realize that by habit in online casinos you only ever play at the slot machines? Why are you so suspicious of other casino games? Surely the good old slot machines are easy to learn and fun to play, but wouldn’t you rather add another game to your schedule? For example, you can try your luck at Roulette or Blackjack. Both table games are easy to learn. Of course, virtual scratch tickets or lottery games are even easier. Most online casinos have much more to offer than just slot machines, so take advantage of this offer!

4. Have fun

“You can’t repeat it often enough. The key to success in the online casino lies in the strict control of your bankroll!”

If you have fun playing, then success comes all by itself! Forget the greed for winning for a while and concentrate on the games themselves. The developers of online casino games are bubbling over with good ideas and bringing ever more original and fun creations to the market. Winnings are great, of course, but fun should come first. After all, it’s a hobby that you dedicate a part of your free time to. So it goes without saying that you should feel comfortable while playing.

5. set yourself limits

As with all good things you should know when the time has come to stop playing at the casino. Of course it is a good feeling to spin the reels continuously, but who will comfort you when your budget is exhausted? You can’t always just win. For your own good, you should therefore set limits on your games and not try to make up for your losses. That rarely works. If you don’t have a good day, then let it go and play the next day. The next day the world often looks quite different. We hope that you have learned something in this lesson and it is now also in practice will put.

bwin experiences

bwin is as most well-known offerer of sport bets in the German-speaking countries also humans a term, who never set their money in the Internet. With a gigantic bet offer, which covers a multiplicity at exotic kinds of sport also society bets beside a multiplicity, has to offer bwin for everyone somewhat. But what about odds, support and payments? Our experience report gives information about it.

Our experience at a glance

bwin can refer to about 10 million customers worldwide. Thus the enterprise with company headquarters in Vienna belongs to the most well-known offerers in our betting offerer comparison . The offer covers in the meantime also Poker and Casino plays, the focus lies however further on the sport and in this connection know also humans, who never locked a bet, the name of the enterprise.

Zweifel at the respectability of bwin are fast cleared out. When it comes to security and transparency, the betting provider does not open its eyes, and all opinions agree on that. That applies also to the Web offer: Who is on the search for kinds of sport off soccer and CO., is here in each case at the correct address.

video preview to bwin

In the following video you find our experiences with bwin in the summary. We will also show you how the registration works and show you the first steps with the provider.

Now watch the video to get a preview of bwin:

bwin in test: Fraud or serious?

Whoever asks himself whether bwin is serious may rest assured. The mere fact that the company has several partnerships with major European football clubs makes fraud and rip-off extremely unlikely. All our experience has shown that users can enjoy maximum transparency and security.

Weather must present an identification document at bwin before the first payout. This also confirms that security is a high priority here. With the economic success of the enterprise everything else would be also hardly comprehensible.

offer of bwin in the test: There is nothing, which does not give it

To the special strengths of bwin belongs the enormous bet offer. Of course, football fans will also be happy here. In Germany, they can even place some of their bets in the upper league. Besides the bookmaker has however a broad pallet at exotics in the program. How it would be for example once with a bet in the combat haven or Unihockey?

Also who would like to set its money gladly in the maintenance range, finds a wide-ranging sport bet offer after a registration with bwin. The “Politics” section even gives users the opportunity to bet their money on the next American president, for example. There is no doubt that bwin’s betting offer is currently hard to beat. The whole thing is rounded off by many exciting betting variants in individual sports.

Souverän presents itself bwin in our opinion also in the field of live betting. Not only can bettors fall back on live streams at many events here. There are also possibilities to adapt the design to your own wishes and to chat with other players. This makes for an entertaining betting experience and was particularly noticed positively in our test. There is also hardly anything to criticize about the range of betting options.

bonus at bwin: tempting gifts for new and existing customers

New customers can look forward to a maximum bonus of 100 euros per 100 percent after registering at bwin. A bonus code is not necessary for this. The prerequisite for a payout is that this bonus is used a total of 3 times for bets. A minimum rate of 1.7 applies, but bwin grants you 365 days after registration to meet the requirements, which is absolutely above average.

The new customer bonus of bwin

With this bet bonus, bwin is in a good midfield compared to other sports betting providers. What is particularly positive is the long period of time that you are granted after registration to redeem the bonus for a payout. In addition, existing customers also benefit from regular bonus campaigns.

The odds at bwin: More suitable for hobby players

bwin is aimed primarily at those who pursue betting as a hobby and prefer a wide range of sports bets to above-average betting odds. As a rule, they only reach a high level in a draw. Those who bet on favourites or outsiders, on the other hand, cannot expect record amounts here.

There is once again a clear difference in odds between top events and less important football matches or sports. In the first case, the provider places himself in the middle of the field. Who would like to set its money on exotics or a football play in lower leagues, must live according to our experiences with clear compromises.

Operation and customer support: Clearly, but with difficulty attainable

A so large offer simply and clearly to present is not easy. The offerer solves this task however with Bravour. Various filter options and a colourful website make it easier for you to find your way through the jungle of possibilities. Newbies will certainly need a certain amount of time. But this is hard to avoid in view of the abundance of available sports and events.

The support reports on bwin are often not entirely satisfactory. One of the reasons for this is the lack of a live chat and the fact that replying to e-mail enquiries can take a little longer. If you pick up the phone, you can be happy to have a German-speaking conversation partner. Calling a landline number in Austria is inevitably associated with costs.

Payout and deposit: Many options, but charges

Paying to your account at bwin gives you a choice after registering. Of course, there are standard options such as the classic bank transfer and credit card available. bwin also offers Skrill, Ukash and Neteller. Paypal and Clickandbuy are also among the payment methods, which is not the case with every sports betting provider. Kalixa even has a rarity value. Unfortunately, bettors must expect an average fee of 2 percent for deposits at bwin. This is also a minus point in our test report.

The betting provider makes payments quickly, but the provider of winnings deducts the tax of 5 percent. If a bet does not lead to a win, the bookmaker pays the sports bet tax.

Other offers from bwin: More than casino and poker

Like most competitors, bwin not only places sports bets, but also offers you a Online casino. The main focus is on slot machines. Here the selection is very varied, which does not necessarily apply to other areas of bwin’s casino. Our experiences with the presentation are positive. The attractive design of the casino contributes to the fact that one likes to stay here a little longer than planned. Of course, there is no doubt that the casino at bwin is also problem-free and there is no need to fear rip-off. Users profit here as in the sports betting sector from quick payouts and a bonus on registration.

While the casino offer is more generous with some of bwin’s competitors, the Austrian web provider impresses with various specials. Also the conversion of the live Pferderennbahn convinces on whole line. Who pays a first attendance to the Pokerraum, can decide first for a demo and start so a risk-free test run.

Fazit: Our opinion about bwin

An bwin is a must in the sports betting industry. Anyone who has ever bet their money in this area has certainly heard the name of the provider. Accordingly fraud or Abzocke are here completely unrealistic scenarios. As testimonials confirm, bwin attaches great importance to security and transparency.

All in all, it is the large betting offering that stands out at bwin. This is difficult to beat in both depth and breadth. On the other hand, the betting odds are rather mediocre in comparison. bwin is primarily aimed at hobby bettors, and our test leaves no doubt about that. After registration, they can look forward to a wide range of sports, many live bets and a clear web presence. Only the fees for deposits and the somewhat negligent support are rather negative.


For the most part I am a little afraid to choose the market leaders. But at bwin I make an exception. It’s not for nothing that the provider is the most important and largest provider for sports betting. The huge betting offer is unbeatable according to my own research and the mood on the Internet. I also made these experiences. Problems I have only now and then with the Internet side. It is very crowded and does not always run smoothly on my computer. Nevertheless I feel in good hands and appreciate the fast customer support. Within 4 working days I have my withdrawals on my account. I will probably stay with the market leader as the main bookmaker and only put one or two smaller providers on my side for better odds on favorite tips.

written 48 months ago


The live bets are madness has rarely seen anything like this, I’ve been at bwin for several years and the betting principle is unmatched. I think it’s especially good that I can sell bets easily and quickly even during ongoing events and can sell with combination bets after all events except one have already occurred simply and can make a profit. bwin is the best where gives. who says the bwin was is the told crap I’ve never noticed that here a customer was treated unfairly .

written 46 months ago


bwin is the best site!!! Sports betting, poker, online casino, what more do I want???? I am already for some years customer there and since that time the system improved clearly and the side became altogether larger. I can do without bigger bonuses from other providers, because I really have everything I need for betting. The live bets are my absolute highlight. I can bet anything while the games are running and I’m very happy with it. bwin is serious and will be right by my side if I have any questions or problems. Highest ratings only for bwin!!!

written 42 months ago


I was at bwin for the first time: For me only the casino area was relevant. But there are also sports bets. First I played some table games. This is an absolute highlight for me. Blackjack and roulette simply must not be missing. That shreds online.

written 38 months ago

comdirect Bank advertises 7.5% interest p.a. on UBS reverse convertible PLUS with Commerzbank

At comdirect Bank, customers regularly receive attractive investment offers, including so-called reverse convertibles. Some of these are offered by comdirect Bank itself or by so-called partner banks. In concrete terms, this means that comdirect Bank customers can, for example, subscribe to a reverse convertible bond issued by Commerzbank. The corresponding reverse convertible bond is currently being offered as UBS Reverse Convertible Bond Plus and, with a final interest rate of 7.5% p.a., has an attractive interest rate. Beyond that there are however still some other performance characteristics, which must be considered with this product.

Zu Comdirect!

Which options and offers does the reverse convertible plus offer to the Commerzbank?

The share Commerzbank is applied at present with the UBS reverse convertible with 7,5% interest p.a.. It can be subscribed at a fixed price of 100% from EUR 1,000 per bond. Thus it is possible that with a term of 12 months an attractive yield can be achieved by the interest rate alone.

The barrier, which should ensure that the loss potential of this bond is to be limited, is 80%. The barrier will be observed on 20 September 2019.

What risks does the reverse convertible offer?

In principle, it should be noted that the reverse convertible can always be described as a risk. The investment capital is not protected, which means that if the share price touches or falls below the barrier, shares are paid out instead of the capital. It is possible that in extreme cases a total loss of the investment is possible.

Throughout the term it is possible that market influences can influence the share price. The interest rate level can also change during the term and have a corresponding influence on the share price. Investors also bear the so-called issuer risk and the redemption risk.

What do I need to subscribe for reverse convertibles at comdirect Bank?

If you want to subscribe for reverse convertibles at comdirect Bank, you need a corresponding stock portfolio. The securities account can be opened and managed via the Internet. In practice it is to be paid attention to the fact that the conditions are considered. Depending on whether the depot is led alone or in addition, together with the free current account of the comdirect bank, different conditions can be noticed here.

In practice the depot can be led free of charge with the comdirect bank, if one decides to lead the free on-line current account with the bank. Both products are to be led considered together without account maintenance fees, which is naturally from advantage. It is worth checking in advance via the Internet how to open the account accordingly. The settlement account, which is necessary for the purchase and sale of securities, can also be managed completely free of charge and without fees at comdirect Bank.

What does the trading offer of comdirect Bank offer?

The trading offer of comdirect Bank is very extensive. It is worth taking a look at it, because more can be traded here than is the case with many other brokers. Basically, it should be mentioned that comdirect Bank makes national as well as international trading possible. In concrete terms, this means that trading is possible at numerous domestic and foreign trading centres. All in all, it should be noted that so-called over-the-counter trading can also be taken into account when it comes to the options of comdirect Bank.

In the area of fund trading, comdirect Bank offers very extensive options. In total, customers can choose from more than 10,000 different funds in which to invest their money. There is with many funds a discount at a value of 50 or even 100% on the issue surcharge. Of course, ETF trading is also available from comdirect Bank. If you decide to trade in this way, you will quickly notice that several hundred different trading options can also be exercised here. It is therefore worthwhile to make sure that the corresponding trading options are really carefully screened.

Use funds and ETFs as a savings plan at comdirect Bank

Both the funds and the ETFs can be perceived without problems in order to enter into trading with savings plans. Anyone who decides to set up a savings plan via comdirect Bank will quickly notice that these can be taken up with different savings intervals and also with different savings rates. The intervals are e.g. 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. This means that the savings plan can be saved every 1, 2 or 3 months. It should also be noted that there are different rate levels. These begin usually with 25 euro in the month, whereby it is possible that the height of the rate can be increased also upwardly.

Not only the fund and ETF trading are advertised at comdirect Bank, but also trading in CFDs. However, this requires the opening of a trading account, a so-called CFD trading account. Trading CFDs is characterised by a high level of risk, which customers should be aware of. In practice, it is important to ensure that the offers in trading are understood as a whole before they are used.

Now trading with Comdirect!

BDSwiss Revises Trading App for November 2016

The provider BDSwiss revised its trading app towards the end of October 2016 and now offers even better standards in terms of security, functionality and trading speed. In the area of binary options, the app version 1.4.4 for Android devices currently provides traders with a highly modern product that is compatible with all Android versions from version number 4.0.3. onwards. The current version of the app was published on 26 October 2016 on Google Play and can be used without any problems.

What functionality does the BDSwiss Trading App offer?

The app published on 26 October 2016 makes it possible to trade without any problems. It is possible that the turbo options can be exercised within 60 seconds, with high profit chances but also with a very high risk. The turbo options can also be exercised via app, but without problems via laptop, tablet or desktop PC.

With the turbo app, the trader can determine whether the price of a stock, or e.g. the value of a commodity within 60 seconds rise or fall. Accordingly, it is possible that a high yield can be realized, or a high loss. The payout, respectively the yield can be up to 85%, which of course is highly recommended and much higher than it is the case with many other investments. BDSwiss can achieve a maximum return of up to 450%, but this is associated with a corresponding risk.

With the Trading App you can easily trade everything that the online broker BDSwiss offers. It is possible to select numerous underlying assets such as equities, indices, commodities and currency pairs in order to design your own options. The app can be operated intuitively and is provided free of charge by BDSwiss.

Trading at BDSwiss can be used around the clock. It is possible to trade 24 hours a day on any day of the week or to open a position. The synchronization with the trading account of BDSwiss takes place in real time and does not represent an obstacle. Trend movements within a value can also be observed and tracked without any problems. Anyone wishing to trade binary options should first read the information material on the BDSwiss homepage. It is not at all easy to understand how the options work and to investigate the corresponding risk behind them.

The BDSwiss app can be used in several languages and without any problems from anywhere where access to the Internet is available. BDSwiss offers its customers live support that can be easily accessed in multiple languages. In addition, there is a service for deposits and withdrawals.

Betolimp Experiences

The bookmaker Betolimp has an excellent reputation among bettors and not without reason. There are plenty of worthwhile betting offers and markets to discover as well as interesting football specials for the UEFA Champions League. In addition to regular sports betting and live betting, there are also numerous offers for virtual sports and e-sports. The Betolimp bets offer customers excellent odds. The bookmaker is definitely worth a top recommendation for beginners and advanced players in the world of sports betting.

A similarly good picture, as with the betting offers, can be seen in the bonus program and the features of the betting provider. There is a welcome bonus that you can receive in the form of a free bet. You can also benefit from a combination bet insurance and a golf money-back special. Our Betolimp test explains the advantages of the bookmaker to you and gives you some useful tips for getting started.

Our experiences at a glance

In the test report Betolimp convinced us with his offers. You are offered betting offers with above-average odds that leave nothing to be desired. The Website has a very modern, responding and functional Web Design, which presents all contents clearly. In addition to the desktop version, there is also a mobile website, which you can use with your smartphone or tablet. Additional software is not required for betting at Betolimp.

The betting provider has an official sports betting license, which is issued by the state authorities in Malta. So you can be sure that Betolimp is a reputable sports betting provider. As a new customer you will be welcomed with a lucrative welcome bonus in the form of bonus money. But more about that later.

Betolimp Check: Fraud or not?

The seriousness of an online bookmaker is one of the central elements in a provider selection. In the Betolimp test the reputation of the provider therefore played a central role, which we checked by queries in search engines. The experiences and evaluations of customers as well as entries about a fraud were decisive for the examination above all. Betolimp could leave always a very positive impression with the examinations, without which negative occurrences could be found.

In the area of security Betolimp was also able to give a decent picture. The payment procedures as well as the input and processing of data are secured by an SSL coding and a Firewall around the clock on each day in the year.

Overview over the offer with Betolimp

You can arrange your Betolimp sport bets with the bookmaker from over 33 kinds of sport. Some announced kinds of sport are for example football, ice hockey, tennis, handball, American football, basketball, volleyball, ski, Darts, E-Sport and Rugby. The betting offer is particularly pronounced in football. The Champions League with its Betolimp games is even listed in a separate category. For Germany there are betting offers for the 1st / 2nd Bundesliga, 3rd League, cup competitions as well as for the women’s Bundesliga.

Other football leagues and competitions can of course also be selected internationally. In this respect, the bookmaker covers almost every country in the world where football is played. A special attention with the Betolimp sport bets puts the offerer on all kinds of victory bets. In the bet overviews you will always find a button to directly display all available winning bets. If you have a special interest in these bets, it’s a great thing.

The Betolimp Website
The Betolimp Website

Some betting markets at the bookmaker are the already mentioned win bets, 1X2 (win/loss defeat), different types of handicaps including Asian handicaps, goals, exact result, half-time bets, individual total, first/last goal, win and total as well as over/under bets.

You can call the Betolimp live bets with a click on the button of the same name in the head of the website. Available live bets of the sports are displayed in list form. In contrast to other bookmakers on the Internet, Betolimp offers you much more Live-Sports – provided, of course, that InPlay bets are available. Some of the sports are football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, handball, cricket, e-sports, floorball, futsal, snooker, squash, table tennis and volleyball. In the field of live odds, the bookmaker was able to convince in the Betolimp test in a similar way to the pre-match bets.

As a rule, the betting provider provides customers with a live center at the gaming level. This clearly displays the match events of the sports events in the form of animations and short text messages. In addition, various statistics are available in real time via the Livecenter. Unfortunately, Betolimp has not implemented any additional live streaming of sports events for its customers, which you could use as a decision-making aid for your live bets.

Online Casino

Aside from the bets, you will also find an extended Betolimp Online Casino with many games. These range from slots, progressive jackpots and table games to video poker machines. The lion’s share of casino games can be found at the slot machines. Especially recommended are the casino’s progressive jackpot machines, where with a little luck you can win up to 12 million euros or more. The Table Games section contains all the major casino classics such as Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Stud Poker and Baccarat. If you like, you can try most of the games for free in a demo version. The only drawback of the game collection is that there are no live dealer games. Surely you can expect them in the future.

Betolimp Bonus: 100 Euro free bet for new customers

As a new customer at Betolimp you can dust off a free bet worth up to 100 Euro. Compared to the bonus offers for free bets of different betting providers you can benefit from a much higher maximum amount. With the Betolimp free bet you can win up to 3000 Euro in one trick.

In order to enjoy the free offer you have to fulfill some conditions in advance. First you have to deposit 10 Euro or more in order to fulfill the first condition. Please note that the deposit amount will be decisive for the amount of your free bet. You may not use the payment methods Skrill 1-Tap or Neteller for your first deposit. The next condition is that you must place a first qualifying bet equal to your deposit. Only single bets with a minimum odds of 2.00 will be accepted as qualifying Betolimp bets.

After your first sports or live bet has been settled, your free bet will be credited and you must use it within 7 days. When using your received free bet you should note that your free bet slip must contain at least two positions with a minimum odds of 1.60 each. For combination and system bets, each selection should therefore meet or exceed the specified odds.

Deposits and withdrawals at Betolimp Casino

Free deposit methods are available for depositing into your Betolimp account. The minimum deposit amount is 10 Euro, the maximum is 5000 Euro per day. These limits apply to all payment methods without exception. Your deposited money is immediately available to you (except for bank transfers), so you can start betting right away.

Deposit methods:

  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • Klarna Sofortüberweisung
  • PaysafeCard

Leider is a Deposit with Paypal not intended and should be built by the bookmaker for German customers perhaps still.

The payout process has the betting provider Betolimp greatly simplified. Because customers can only use the bank transfer, which is a SEPA transfer. You can pay amounts of money starting from 15 euro. A maximum of 5000 Euro per day for a withdrawal is possible.

Payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer

That only the Bank Transfer as a payment method is offered has its advantages. Because the transfer counts to the most secure payment processing in the world.

Security and regulation

Betolimp guarantees the customer security in the following 3 areas: Financial security, IT security and legal security. The bookmaker keeps personal data strictly confidential. Betolimp uses a strong SSL encryption technology for data processing and the processing of any kind of payment. For example, the registration form with your personal data is optimally protected by https.

A similar mechanism applies when entering your payment details. All traffic around the betting platform is protected by a special firewall. In addition, of course, trained administrators also watch over the security of the customers. So you are very safe with Betolimp and don’t have to worry.

For the security of the betting customers and for legal reasons, your identity will be checked before the first payment. For this you have to submit a photo or scan of your identity documents.

The company Betolimp is a company registered on the island of Malta. The Gambling Authority MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) officially regulates and licenses the bookmaker to offer its sports and live bets as well as casino games. The MGA license is valid for the European area, including Germany, so your bets from Germany are always legal. Betolimp also pays the 5% betting tax for German customers to the tax authorities within the scope of the legal regulations.

The betting provider also underlines its seriousness with suitable measures for responsible betting and gaming. In this respect, the company even cooperates with recognised advice centres for gambling problems, which you can reach directly via links at the bottom of the website.

Customer support

In the main navigation you will find the menu item “Help” where you will find some general information about Betolimp and the betting offers. A FAQ area has not been integrated for the customers. However, if you have any questions or problems in the process, you can contact the customer support 24/7, who can help you via e-mail and live chat. The constant availability of the support is naturally super for the customers. You can expect the fastest response time from the staff in the chat, which can be accessed via the website.

User friendliness at Betolimp

The bookmaker’s website starts with a centered view that gives you a compressed overview of the content and betting offers. In the sports section you can use checkboxes to compile and display your desired bet selection. You can also switch live bets on and off with a slider. For quick selection, the right screen area provides you with currently announced sports bets so that you can quickly add them to your betting slip with a click. So you don’t have to accept any search tasks for it.

Mobile App

A mobile website is available for your mobile betting with your smartphone, mobile phone or tablet. It is perfectly optimized for all mobile devices and their operating systems. As a user of Apple iOS and Android Mobiles you don’t need to download and install a separate Sportsbook App. This is of course very practical and for the betting customers much less effort to be able to bet mobile.

To start the mobile website, you can simply call the internet address of the bookmaker with your browser in the smartphone or tablet. The rest will then take care of itself. With your mobile bets you don’t have to accept any restrictions with regard to the betting offers. Of course you can also place live bets and track their progress without any problems.

With your mobile, deposits and withdrawals can be made easily so that you can process payments while on the move. If you like, the regular bonus program for new and regular customers is also available to you with your mobile device.

Result: Plenty of betting offers, bonus actions and features

The results of the test place Betolimp in the premium bookmaker segment. The betting provider is known for its good odds and interesting betting markets. The latter differ considerably from the offers of other bookmakers, so that you can look forward to many special features at Betolimp. Another good thing about testing was that the winning bets of the various sports play a special role and can be listed by separate buttons. In this way an additional overview was created for the betting customers. Similarly well solved was the presentation of Champions League bets, which were even considered with their own section and can offer you amazingly good odds.

However, not only with the betting offers the provider was able to score well, but also with the available actions and features in the Betolimp Casino. With the combined bet insurance you can protect your sports bets and live bets against a loss. There is also a money-back special for the popular sport of golf if your tip fails due to an unforeseen event.

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