1XBet: Use cashback for lost bets

Although every player had to go through a real dry spell in the course of his betting career and was not able to make a profit over several games. Such negative series hurt and can often eat a real hole in your wallet. The betting provider 1XBet has again found a great solution, however, because with negative series there are parts of the bet simply back again.

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Support in dreary times

With this action, the betting provider has received a very interesting offer, which so far has not been found in any other bookie. For a row of at least 20 lost sport bets one behind the other a bonus is paid by the offerer in different heights.

If the own bets with a minimum employment of two euro to have been platziert, a bonus of 100 euro waits for the customers. With a stake of at least five euros, this sum is raised to a whopping 250 euros. If ten Euros have been lost, there is a bonus of 500 Euros. Important: All 20 bets must be placed within 30 days.

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