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Although the latest valve hit CS:GO has been played for several years, the market for skin casinos is still shaking. Many humans do not know possibly at all, which it concerns thereby exactly. In principle, these are draws where players can get certain weapons and skins for their weapons. The advantage is that such achievements within the game are almost priceless, but in skin casinos can be caught for small money. The provider Caserandom, which has been providing its services for quite some time, is very well known in this respect. We will take a very close look at the following to see whether everything is right here, whether Caserandom is working seriously and whether it can convince its customers with other aspects as well.

Our experiences at a glance

Caserandon is one of the best-known representatives in its market and has already reported more than 1.7 million registrations on its platform. The players are never alone, but always in good company. In addition, it has been enormously successful that the various openings of the other users are permanently displayed on the left edge of the screen. This is very interesting and shows at the same time what variety is actually offered here. According to our Caserandom experience, the transaction process is convenient and unproblematic. After the respective item has been purchased, it is automatically transferred to the Steam account and is available there.

Registration is of course free of charge, payments can be processed securely and seriously. A special plus point: Contrary to the usual course of the industry, the website is available in several languages and, according to our experience, is even available in German.

Caserandom in Check: Fraud or serious?

Naturally, such a young market as the, of CS:GO Casinos is also enormously interesting for fraudsters. Here finally often large amounts migrate from one hand into the other, so that resourceful criminals earn themselves occasionally a golden nose. However, in the case of Caserandom this is definitely not necessary. The provider is enormously serious and underlines this with his many years of experience in the industry. The chances of fraud or rip-off are therefore very low, even if there is no official licence from a regulatory authority. This is with on-line Casinos obligation, in the CS: GO Casinos however again not. Thus, despite the lack of licensing, there is no doubt that Caserandom works seriously and fairly. Another good argument in this context is of course the more than 1.7 million users. Several thousand players are regularly active at the same time, which of course also speaks against cheating the provider.

An overview of the offer

The Caserandom Casino can score points with a truly outstanding selection compared to many competitors in its industry. According to our Caserandom experience, the offer is divided into different areas, which for reasons of navigation has of course been successful. At the top of the portfolio are the so-called “Rarity Cases”, which are boxes with different prices and different specifications. If, for example, you want to open the “Milspec” box, you can do so from a low price of 0.30 euros and receive a large arsenal of different skins. But it can also be even more specific, so that, for example, with the “Knives” Case for 69 euros only knife skins can be collected.

In addition to the “Rarity Cases”, players will also find individual weapon packages in which different skins are offered for exactly one weapon. Additionally there are StatTrak boxes, classic boxes and very interesting collections. With these collections, a certain theme is always called up and then used with the skins. If for example the box “Aztec” is used, the Five-Seven Jungle, the AK-47 Jungle Spray and the M4A4 Jungle Tiger can be found in the package. As it should be for a serious provider, the different costs are always listed in advance of the action, so that no nasty surprises have to be accepted.

Deposit: Problem-free processing

Our Caserandom experience shows that there are no problems when depositing on the user account. The payments can be processed in different ways, whereby great importance is attached to the use of the partner G2A Pay. In most cases, the deposit is carried out simply by mouse-click. Within a very short time the respective amount can be found on the user account and can be used to purchase the crates. Interesting: According to G2A Pay, Caserandom has excellent user feedback, so that it can always be assumed that transactions are handled securely and seriously.

Security and regulation: Trusting the opinion of the masses

Regulations as in a real online casino do not require Caserandom. For the players this means first and foremost that the large number of registered members can be evaluated as the strongest proof of seriousness. More than 1.7 million users are members, so there is always a lot of activity on the platform. Even in the early hours of the morning, several thousand players are active without any problems and ensure that the offer on the website never stands still. At the same time, these almost two million users speak a clear language and show that Caserandom works seriously. Fraud or rip-off excluded.

Support and customer service: Mail and the FAQ area help further

On the website of the casino, customer support is implemented primarily through the in-house FAQ area. Here the users can inform themselves about numerous topics, whereby however naturally not all questions can be clarified. Nevertheless a quick check is worthwhile, because some problems are cleared out of the way here. If the area only helps moderately or not at all, you can also contact the provider directly. There is an e-mail address available for this step, which can be used around the clock. Costs or fees do not result for the consultation, are accomplished these however only in English. According to our Caserandom experience, players should also note that they have to wait a few hours for the answer to arrive. In our experience with Caserandom, however, the questions and problems of the users are again reliably and competently cleared of the way.

User friendliness: No problems on the slim website

Positive to emphasize is the fact that the website is offered in several languages with regard to user friendliness. In addition to English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese are also available. Of course this fact makes the whole thing a bit easier, but at the same time there should be no big problems even with the chosen English language. The reason for this is the slim website, which consists only of a few subpages. These in turn are all accessible from the start page, so that there is no danger of “getting lost” here. The design has also been implemented appealingly, so that we can draw a positive interim conclusion here in the Caserandom test.

Result: Good and serious offer

The fact that Caserandom works seriously can be seen above all from the large user response. The platform registers more than 1.7 million registered users, which would not be available with a dubious offerer naturally in so large number. At the same time, Caserandom’s portfolio speaks for itself. Especially positive are the topic boxes, where the players can secure different skins for suitable topics. In addition, from time to time a few specials are also being hewn out where particularly extensive cases are available at particularly low prices. Our conclusion: The use can definitely be recommended, because serious transactions and fair prices are offered.

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