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Happybet: Get 25% Bonus On Every Tenth Bet

As a diligent and active sports betting fan, it is worth taking a close look at the bookmakers’ promotions for existing customers. In particular, if it concerns thereby such a strong action, like the Happy10 with the bookmaker Happybet. Whenever customers place their tenth bet, an additional bonus is paid out to them.

Cash free bets as a reward

The bonus is credited to the bookmaker in the form of a free bet – after every tenth bet. This means that if the players have placed ten bets, the bonus is awarded. After 20 bets, the next one, until the bonus has been collected five times. Note that the bonus is always based on the average stake of the previous bets. Of this amount, 25 percent is used. In addition, it should be noted that bets must be placed on odds of at least 3.00.

If enough bets have been placed, the free bet is automatically transferred to the betting account and can be used immediately. The freebet is not subject to any further conditions, any winnings can be paid out.

Happybet: 300 Euro Record Bonus Awaits

The bookmaker Happybet is without a doubt already an established size in the industry. Now the bet offerer goes however nevertheless once again correctly strongly on customer catch and for it a truly spectacular action considered itself. New Tipper cash equal three deposit bonuses, with which an additional assets of up to 300 euro is activated.

Einzahlen, Bonus sichern und gewinnen

The first step on the way to the new customer bonus of Happybet is the registration with the bookmaker. That is settled within scarcely three minutes and thus altogether naturally no large hurdle. Directly in the connection the customers can make then any deposit on their player account Merely to consider is the necessary minimum sum of ten euro.

As soon as that was settled, the bonus code for the new customer bonus is requested with the support and entered in the own player account. Directly after that the bonus amount is automatically posted to the player account. In total, the bonus can be claimed for the first three deposits and thus unlocks a bonus amount of up to 300 euros.

Caserandom Experiences

Although the latest valve hit CS:GO has been played for several years, the market for skin casinos is still shaking. Many humans do not know possibly at all, which it concerns thereby exactly. In principle, these are draws where players can get certain weapons and skins for their weapons. The advantage is that such achievements within the game are almost priceless, but in skin casinos can be caught for small money. The provider Caserandom, which has been providing its services for quite some time, is very well known in this respect. We will take a very close look at the following to see whether everything is right here, whether Caserandom is working seriously and whether it can convince its customers with other aspects as well.

Our experiences at a glance

Caserandon is one of the best-known representatives in its market and has already reported more than 1.7 million registrations on its platform. The players are never alone, but always in good company. In addition, it has been enormously successful that the various openings of the other users are permanently displayed on the left edge of the screen. This is very interesting and shows at the same time what variety is actually offered here. According to our Caserandom experience, the transaction process is convenient and unproblematic. After the respective item has been purchased, it is automatically transferred to the Steam account and is available there.

Registration is of course free of charge, payments can be processed securely and seriously. A special plus point: Contrary to the usual course of the industry, the website is available in several languages and, according to our experience, is even available in German.

Caserandom in Check: Fraud or serious?

Naturally, such a young market as the, of CS:GO Casinos is also enormously interesting for fraudsters. Here finally often large amounts migrate from one hand into the other, so that resourceful criminals earn themselves occasionally a golden nose. However, in the case of Caserandom this is definitely not necessary. The provider is enormously serious and underlines this with his many years of experience in the industry. The chances of fraud or rip-off are therefore very low, even if there is no official licence from a regulatory authority. This is with on-line Casinos obligation, in the CS: GO Casinos however again not. Thus, despite the lack of licensing, there is no doubt that Caserandom works seriously and fairly. Another good argument in this context is of course the more than 1.7 million users. Several thousand players are regularly active at the same time, which of course also speaks against cheating the provider.

An overview of the offer

The Caserandom Casino can score points with a truly outstanding selection compared to many competitors in its industry. According to our Caserandom experience, the offer is divided into different areas, which for reasons of navigation has of course been successful. At the top of the portfolio are the so-called “Rarity Cases”, which are boxes with different prices and different specifications. If, for example, you want to open the “Milspec” box, you can do so from a low price of 0.30 euros and receive a large arsenal of different skins. But it can also be even more specific, so that, for example, with the “Knives” Case for 69 euros only knife skins can be collected.

In addition to the “Rarity Cases”, players will also find individual weapon packages in which different skins are offered for exactly one weapon. Additionally there are StatTrak boxes, classic boxes and very interesting collections. With these collections, a certain theme is always called up and then used with the skins. If for example the box “Aztec” is used, the Five-Seven Jungle, the AK-47 Jungle Spray and the M4A4 Jungle Tiger can be found in the package. As it should be for a serious provider, the different costs are always listed in advance of the action, so that no nasty surprises have to be accepted.

Deposit: Problem-free processing

Our Caserandom experience shows that there are no problems when depositing on the user account. The payments can be processed in different ways, whereby great importance is attached to the use of the partner G2A Pay. In most cases, the deposit is carried out simply by mouse-click. Within a very short time the respective amount can be found on the user account and can be used to purchase the crates. Interesting: According to G2A Pay, Caserandom has excellent user feedback, so that it can always be assumed that transactions are handled securely and seriously.

Security and regulation: Trusting the opinion of the masses

Regulations as in a real online casino do not require Caserandom. For the players this means first and foremost that the large number of registered members can be evaluated as the strongest proof of seriousness. More than 1.7 million users are members, so there is always a lot of activity on the platform. Even in the early hours of the morning, several thousand players are active without any problems and ensure that the offer on the website never stands still. At the same time, these almost two million users speak a clear language and show that Caserandom works seriously. Fraud or rip-off excluded.

Support and customer service: Mail and the FAQ area help further

On the website of the casino, customer support is implemented primarily through the in-house FAQ area. Here the users can inform themselves about numerous topics, whereby however naturally not all questions can be clarified. Nevertheless a quick check is worthwhile, because some problems are cleared out of the way here. If the area only helps moderately or not at all, you can also contact the provider directly. There is an e-mail address available for this step, which can be used around the clock. Costs or fees do not result for the consultation, are accomplished these however only in English. According to our Caserandom experience, players should also note that they have to wait a few hours for the answer to arrive. In our experience with Caserandom, however, the questions and problems of the users are again reliably and competently cleared of the way.

User friendliness: No problems on the slim website

Positive to emphasize is the fact that the website is offered in several languages with regard to user friendliness. In addition to English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese are also available. Of course this fact makes the whole thing a bit easier, but at the same time there should be no big problems even with the chosen English language. The reason for this is the slim website, which consists only of a few subpages. These in turn are all accessible from the start page, so that there is no danger of “getting lost” here. The design has also been implemented appealingly, so that we can draw a positive interim conclusion here in the Caserandom test.

Result: Good and serious offer

The fact that Caserandom works seriously can be seen above all from the large user response. The platform registers more than 1.7 million registered users, which would not be available with a dubious offerer naturally in so large number. At the same time, Caserandom’s portfolio speaks for itself. Especially positive are the topic boxes, where the players can secure different skins for suitable topics. In addition, from time to time a few specials are also being hewn out where particularly extensive cases are available at particularly low prices. Our conclusion: The use can definitely be recommended, because serious transactions and fair prices are offered.

1XBet: Use cashback for lost bets

Although every player had to go through a real dry spell in the course of his betting career and was not able to make a profit over several games. Such negative series hurt and can often eat a real hole in your wallet. The betting provider 1XBet has again found a great solution, however, because with negative series there are parts of the bet simply back again.

Tap now

Support in dreary times

With this action, the betting provider has received a very interesting offer, which so far has not been found in any other bookie. For a row of at least 20 lost sport bets one behind the other a bonus is paid by the offerer in different heights.

If the own bets with a minimum employment of two euro to have been platziert, a bonus of 100 euro waits for the customers. With a stake of at least five euros, this sum is raised to a whopping 250 euros. If ten Euros have been lost, there is a bonus of 500 Euros. Important: All 20 bets must be placed within 30 days.

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Tonybet – Up to 100 Euro bonus for new customers

The bookmaker Tonybet is an extremely ambitious company whose background includes Antanas Guogas, a real poker player. There it is naturally actually a matter of course that for the customers and players also a few appropriate bonus offers are available. And exactly therefore all new customers have the possibility of snatching themselves a welcome bonus of up to 100 euro.

Zu Tonybet

50 per cent of the deposit count as bonus

The necessary minimum deposit for the new customer offer of the bookmaker is with ten euro. Thus it might be unproblematic for all customers to be able to take the bonus also up. However, it is important that the valid bonus code “VICTORY100” is entered. The bonus is credited then however not yet equal.

First the amount of the deposit must be converted within 14 days six times with the sport bets of the offerer. Each qualifying bet must have a minimum odds of 1.60 or higher. By the way: If the activation does not work out right away, you can simply reload it with another deposit.

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Free Play Power At 777 Casino

The brand-new 777 Casino has already within a few months on the market a very good name as an excellent Free Play provider works. Up-to-date the customers can profit from a very attractive action, which runs still up to 3 February. On each deposit the on-line Casino offers free plays in the value of 20 per cent. With some luck there is even a Free Play at a value of 70 per cent. The separate Push takes place on each seventh customer deposit.

The most important condition is naturally its own Deposit, which must amount to minimum 20 euro. The bonus code “LUCKY70” must be entered at the checkout. Afterwards the own Deposit amount must be turned three times. If this qualification is fulfilled, the gaming operator thanks you within 72 hours with the announced Free Play. The bonus code may be used by each user 14 times during the promotion period – without a daily limit.

To the 777 Casino

The other rules and conditions

Of course there are other rules and conditions for the free games. The earnings from the free spins are limited to the value of the original Free Play. The winnings will be counted as bonus credits and are subject to the regular wagering requirements at 777 Casino. Specifically, this means that the winnings must be rolled 30 more times in order to reach payout maturity. The profit limit is thereby on 500 euro fixed. The Free Play itself only applies to the following games:

  • 7 Wonders Of The World
  • Snack Time
  • Millionaire Genie
  • A Nightmare On Elm Street
  • Irish Riches
  • Once Upon a Dime
  • Kitchen Run

The welcome offers of the 777er

The new customers in the 777 Casino regularly receive a 100% bonus worth up to 200 euros, which is also provided in free play form. The valid bonus code is called “WELCOME777”.

Alternatively, users can choose a free play package worth 1,500 Euro, which will be provided in the following steps:

  • 100% up to 100 Euro – Bonus Code “1LUCKY7”
  • 30% up to 350 Euro – Bonus Code “2LUCKY7”
  • 30% up to 350 Euro – Bonus Code “3LUCKY7”
  • 30% up to 350 Euro – Bonus Code “4LUCKY7”
  • 30% up to 350 Euro – Bonus Code “5LUCKY7”

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10Bet: Collect 10 Euro Per Week As A Free Bet

Many bookmakers rely on different bonus offers to inspire their customers. The Bookie 10bet is particularly eager at work and has just launched a new campaign. And that can be really seen, because each Tipper can earn weekly whole ten euro as free bet.

Zu 10Bet

Kombis platzieren and free bet get

Who would like to take the action of 10bet in requirement, must accomplish on the graduation side of the offerer first of all a registration. Here it concerns however a simple affair, which can be settled with only one simple click. Afterwards the Tipper must place altogether four Konbi bets in one week, in order to be able to secure then a bonus at a value of ten euro.

It is important to note thereby that each combination bet must consist of at least three bets. At the same time for each individual selection a necessary minimum ratio of 1.60 applies. If the free bet was credited, this must be set within seven days on a rate of 2,00 or more.

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Spin Palace Casino – Get Up To 1,000 Euro New Customer Bonus

Bonusjäger watch out, because currently there is at Spin Palace Casino a really “big fish”, which is just waiting to be pulled out of the water. Each new customer cashed a deposit bonus of up to 1,000 euro, whereby this sum is divided over the first three deposits – in such a way can be completely successfully dipped into the offer.

To the Spin Palace Casino

Three times a bonus snap

For the first deposit on the player account the Casino promises a deposit bonus of 100 per cent, with which up to 250 euro bonus can be retracted. Deposit number two offers 25 percent, which release now however a bonus amount of up to 300 euro. For the last deposit in this package then again a bonus of 50 per cent applies, which can be taken up to the maximum sum of 450 euro up to.

The conditions can be likewise seen, because already small deposits of only 20 euro qualify for the bonus. Additionally it concerns a fully payable real money bonus, which wanders after fulfilment of the payout conditions completely simply and uninhibitedly into the own pocket.

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Consorsbank Advertises With Fixed-Term Deposit And Fund Campaign – 3% Interest P.A. On Fixed-Term Deposit Account

The Consorsbank is currently offering its customers a special campaign in cooperation with BNP Paribas. Those who opt for the BNP Paribas Akienfond can simultaneously take advantage of a fixed-term deposit offer in the amount of 3.0% interest p.a. for 12 months. It should be noted that there is even a discount of 50% on the front-end load.

Consorsbank’s clients invest 50% of their investment in the BNP Paribas fund and 50% in the form of a fixed-term deposit with an attractive interest rate of 3.0% p.a..

What minimum amount must be paid for the investment?

Whoever chooses Consorsbank’s offer must invest at least a total of 5,000 euros. Of these 5,000 euros, 2,500 euros will be invested in funds at BNP Paribas. It should be noted that the client will be offered different categories of funds. This gives clients the option of choosing a security-oriented fund, a balanced fund and an opportunity-oriented fund. The other 2,500 euro are invested into the attractive time deposit offer and at 3% interest p.a. which is clearly more, than is offered at present on the free market.

Who can participate in the action of the Consorsbank?

At the action of the Consorsbank numerous customers can participate. The action can be used by inventory customers in addition, by new customers. The interest calculation of the time deposit runs over exactly 12 months and the interest is credited after the 12 months on the clearing account together with the investment sum.

Which conditions offers the depot of the Consorsbank on?

The Consorsbank applies up-to-date not only its depot and fund offer, but also its daily allowance account. New customers, who decide now for the Consorsbank, can profit from an attractive interest rate at a value of 1,0% interest per annum. The interest rate is guaranteed for a period of 6 months, up to a maximum of 50,000 euros per investor. It should be noted that the Consorsbank will in any case give all new customers the opportunity to extend this offer to a total of 12 months. That means that altogether 12 months long up to 50.000 euro to a total interest rate at a value of 1,0% p.a. can be put on.

Who would like to notice this interest rate, must open in addition to the daily money account still the depot with the bank and accomplish here the appropriate activities e.g. in the form of transactions.

What does it cost to trade via the Consorsbank?

Who wants to start trading with the Consorsbank has to pay a basic fee of 4,95 Euro per transaction. Furthermore, fees of 0.25% of the market value must be paid. The basic fee and the order commission make up a total value of at least 9.95 euros. The maximum fee is 69 Euro and is therefore limited upwards. There is also a trading venue fee of 1.50 euros.

Whoever is interested in trading funds and ETFs with the Consorsbank should know that fund trading is possible with over 10,000 different fund products. In the range of the discounts there is with approximately 2,600 funds a discount at a value of 50% on the issue surcharge. Around 380 funds are suitable for use as a savings plan. ETFs can also be managed as savings plans, which applies to around 300 different ETF products. Who looks around in the net, will notice that the savings plans with the Consorsbank must be served either monthly, or in addition, all 2, 3 or 6 months. The minimum savings rate is 25 Euro.

comdirect Bank advertises 7.5% interest p.a. on UBS reverse convertible PLUS with Commerzbank

At comdirect Bank, customers regularly receive attractive investment offers, including so-called reverse convertibles. Some of these are offered by comdirect Bank itself or by so-called partner banks. In concrete terms, this means that comdirect Bank customers can, for example, subscribe to a reverse convertible bond issued by Commerzbank. The corresponding reverse convertible bond is currently being offered as UBS Reverse Convertible Bond Plus and, with a final interest rate of 7.5% p.a., has an attractive interest rate. Beyond that there are however still some other performance characteristics, which must be considered with this product.

Zu Comdirect!

Which options and offers does the reverse convertible plus offer to the Commerzbank?

The share Commerzbank is applied at present with the UBS reverse convertible with 7,5% interest p.a.. It can be subscribed at a fixed price of 100% from EUR 1,000 per bond. Thus it is possible that with a term of 12 months an attractive yield can be achieved by the interest rate alone.

The barrier, which should ensure that the loss potential of this bond is to be limited, is 80%. The barrier will be observed on 20 September 2019.

What risks does the reverse convertible offer?

In principle, it should be noted that the reverse convertible can always be described as a risk. The investment capital is not protected, which means that if the share price touches or falls below the barrier, shares are paid out instead of the capital. It is possible that in extreme cases a total loss of the investment is possible.

Throughout the term it is possible that market influences can influence the share price. The interest rate level can also change during the term and have a corresponding influence on the share price. Investors also bear the so-called issuer risk and the redemption risk.

What do I need to subscribe for reverse convertibles at comdirect Bank?

If you want to subscribe for reverse convertibles at comdirect Bank, you need a corresponding stock portfolio. The securities account can be opened and managed via the Internet. In practice it is to be paid attention to the fact that the conditions are considered. Depending on whether the depot is led alone or in addition, together with the free current account of the comdirect bank, different conditions can be noticed here.

In practice the depot can be led free of charge with the comdirect bank, if one decides to lead the free on-line current account with the bank. Both products are to be led considered together without account maintenance fees, which is naturally from advantage. It is worth checking in advance via the Internet how to open the account accordingly. The settlement account, which is necessary for the purchase and sale of securities, can also be managed completely free of charge and without fees at comdirect Bank.

What does the trading offer of comdirect Bank offer?

The trading offer of comdirect Bank is very extensive. It is worth taking a look at it, because more can be traded here than is the case with many other brokers. Basically, it should be mentioned that comdirect Bank makes national as well as international trading possible. In concrete terms, this means that trading is possible at numerous domestic and foreign trading centres. All in all, it should be noted that so-called over-the-counter trading can also be taken into account when it comes to the options of comdirect Bank.

In the area of fund trading, comdirect Bank offers very extensive options. In total, customers can choose from more than 10,000 different funds in which to invest their money. There is with many funds a discount at a value of 50 or even 100% on the issue surcharge. Of course, ETF trading is also available from comdirect Bank. If you decide to trade in this way, you will quickly notice that several hundred different trading options can also be exercised here. It is therefore worthwhile to make sure that the corresponding trading options are really carefully screened.

Use funds and ETFs as a savings plan at comdirect Bank

Both the funds and the ETFs can be perceived without problems in order to enter into trading with savings plans. Anyone who decides to set up a savings plan via comdirect Bank will quickly notice that these can be taken up with different savings intervals and also with different savings rates. The intervals are e.g. 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. This means that the savings plan can be saved every 1, 2 or 3 months. It should also be noted that there are different rate levels. These begin usually with 25 euro in the month, whereby it is possible that the height of the rate can be increased also upwardly.

Not only the fund and ETF trading are advertised at comdirect Bank, but also trading in CFDs. However, this requires the opening of a trading account, a so-called CFD trading account. Trading CFDs is characterised by a high level of risk, which customers should be aware of. In practice, it is important to ensure that the offers in trading are understood as a whole before they are used.

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